Thursday, November 28, 2013

Radioactive-Imagine Dragons

Photography: Grins 2 Go 
Muse by: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Pentatonix Remix) 

This look was inspired by the Pentatonix remix of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. This was a very fun dress to shoot in with all the flows, rich colors and flow of the garment. It has a symmetrical back puff that creates a lot of drapes and flows with a zipper back closure. This dress with any mid length boots are fun to match up with. This beautiful bohemian dress is to die for! Be sure to visit their collection for more vibrant and chic designs!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke

Muse By: Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke

Make something so "black and white" and turn it into something fun. I fell in love with the embroidered jacquard black on black slim pants with zipper ankle closures and matching it with the infamous Zara asymmetric shoes. Pair this up with another textured, open front blazer that has exaggerated chevron pattern throughout the body of the blazer. Colorblocked clothes are a fun mix to your outfit so be sure to add these to your wardrobe. A masculine, business casual outfit inspired by Robin Thicke's song Blurred Lines.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Roar-Katy Perry


Muse By: Roar-Katy Perry

I love the fire and tenacity that Katy Perry presents in her new song Roar. Taking that fierceness and adding some "animosity" was so much fun at the arboretum. Ladies and gents, go wild and feel cozy in furs, leathers, animal prints, and boots for this coming fall. I paired up an animal print halter top with black on black animal print slacks from H&M. The black on black animal print is very subtle on the pants but adds a hint of flair to your wardrobe. This high waist pants makes a great look with blouses, sheer tops, chiffons, and lace (it's just sexy!). The black stiletto, fur boots is made of a velveteen, outer shell and is trimmed with faux fur to give you a sexy touch. And just to give it an amazonian look, I mix and matched a Betsey Johnson earing with a regular brown feather earring that I got from Forever21. Have fun. Mix & Match with fur and animal prints!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Demons-Imagine Dragons

Top: Sleeveless Ivory Lace Top
Bottom: Aztec Burnout Skirt, Jacquard Stockings
Accessories: Sheinside Black Gemstone Necklace, Cartier Santos Watch, Dainty Chain Link Midi Ring Set, Betsey Johnson Green Gemstone Earrings
Shoes: Steven Madden [similar] Midory Ankle Boots
Photography: Grins 2 Go 

 Muse by Demons - Imagine Dragons
When I first heard this song, it really touched me because we all have our demons inside and mine happens to be my mother who passed away in 2009. I remembered her style and dedicated this outfit to her. The button back, ivory top got my attention because of the lace design vertically placed in lieu of the typical, button-up front design. Because the days are cooling down, I like to stay warm with skirts+leggings or stockings. So I paired the A-line skirt with a jacquard design stockings which looks super cute with any kind of boots.  The burnout design on the skirt gives it a different kind of depth in the overall look and gives the stockings more attention because of the subtle shapes and lines. A very simple, school-girl-design that  flows and is fun to wear as the weather gets ready for the holidays.