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Hana Song - 24 years old
Korean American

Hello fashionistas and music lovers. My name's Hana Song and I am an entrepreneaur, graphic designer, a crazy sister, an ambitious student, and Korean. I was born in California and live in the suburbs of So Cal. I graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles with a degree in fashion and going back to school for another degree in business. I'm an artist and love keeping myself busy in the world of design whether it's fashion, graphics, photography, and or music. 

I have a little brother and live with my father but we grew up from a large family of artists, musicians, and singers so my Seoul was always connected to music. Have you had moments where you turn on the radio or listen to a song that stays with you the entire day and even causes you to want to change your wardrobe or wear a specific outfit because of that song? It happens to me all the time I'll have you know. That's why I wanted to do something very fun, different, and creative. I created this fashion blog that is takes inspirations from various songs that are popular at the time of the posts. Fashion can be inspired by anything and I decided to pick the Songs that inspire my look for the day. Hope you enjoy the posts provided by the Song of Muse.

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